Mot's, Inspections, Servicing and Repairs

Mot''s, Inspections, Servicing and Repairs

Mot''s and Inspections

The Mot plays a very important part in the safety of our vehicles on the roads today. We take this very seriously and feel that the Mot test provides good value for money, on the basis that when done correctly, the Mot test offers a thorough inspection of your vehicle''s main safety items on an annual basis, not everybody has their car serviced and also due to extended service times some vehicles may not otherwise see a workshop for at least 2 years. Having a professional eye look over your vehicle, once a year, may highlight other issues you were not aware of being advised to you. Your safety is our concern. Although an Mot is only an assesment of your vehicle on that particular day and no dismantling can take place (ie. for a thorough inspection of your brakes), that is why servicing is also an important factor into road safety and vehicle efficiency. 

For class VII vehicles we can offer a pre-mot inspection, if carry out the repair work necessary and take the vehicle for test, we will garuntee a pass or we will pay for the retest fee.

We are able to carry out pre-mot inspections on vehicles from 3.5t to 7.5t. Also we can offer periodic vehicle safety inspections, as stipulated by VOSA, for maintaining an operators license, inspection schedules approved by Vosa are provided, a copy for your records and we also retain a copy for our own. As a CPC holder we are aware of the issues involved in running an operators license. All servicing and repair can be carried out.